Clearing Skin Wash




Made for adult acne, Clearing Skin Wash is a gel based cleanser that is a texturally similar to Special Cleansing Gel but with heightened benefits of Dermal Clay Cleanser. The MediBac Clearing line is specifically designed to deal with the challenges of adult acne and Clearing Skin Wash is a key element to clear skin!


This is exclusively for adult acne sufferers. Personally I found this to be a little over drying for my skin in the long run but my grade of acne is a 2, a worst, so anyone who is a solid 2 or above will really love this product. I started the MediBac line by purchasing the skin kit which contained a travel size version of Clearing Skin Wash, for 2 months I used this exclusively and credit it with clearing a good 50% of my acne alone. I started to feel an over-tightness in my skin around month 3 with this product but then began alternating with a cream cleanser and that has balanced my skin.

Salicylic acid helps stimulate cell renewal and clear impacted pores to prevent and shorten the lifespan of acne. Echinacea purpurea extract, Lemon peel extract, and Matricaria flower extract are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which helps bring down redness and shrink any breakouts instantly.

If you feel that acne is something that is troubling you I’d highly recommend getting the skin kit. Always confirm with a skin therapist in your area that these products will be right for you. Not everyone will need to use these products at the same frequency, so if you really only get acne around ‘that time of the month’ this would be a great kit to use that week only.
If you’re unfamiliar with the 4 grades of acne you can find more information here:


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take a pea-sized amount and emulsify between your hands and apply to face. When emulsifying the product there really is no wrong way to do it, whether you reach the super foamy level in your hands first or on your face- it will work!

I also highly recommend using cool water over hot water. Hot water will stimulate inflammation and encourage red areas to stay red. Using tepid water will help boost the soothing botanicals that make Clearing Skin Wash such a great product. Again, the Sponge Cloth will be a huge help to fighting friction based irritation and go a long way to soothing acne away!

This is also a great product to use as a make-up brush cleanser or as a Sponge Cloth cleanser. It might sound funny to use skin care products to cleanse these items but if you really think about the fillers, fragrances, and other irritating ingredients that are in laundry detergent and brush cleaners that you would never dream of putting on your face it makes sense not to use them on these products either! At my Dermalogica classes in Boston this is the cleansing product that is used to clean every brush and bowl that we use in our hands-on practicals.


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