Clearing Skin Wash




Made for adult acne, Clearing Skin Wash is a gel based cleanser that is a texturally similar to Special Cleansing Gel but with heightened benefits of Dermal Clay Cleanser. The MediBac Clearing line is specifically designed to deal with the challenges of adult acne and Clearing Skin Wash is a key element to clear skin!


This is exclusively for adult acne sufferers. Personally I found this to be a little over drying for my skin in the long run but my grade of acne is a 2, a worst, so anyone who is a solid 2 or above will really love this product. I started the MediBac line by purchasing the skin kit which contained a travel size version of Clearing Skin Wash, for 2 months I used this exclusively and credit it with clearing a good 50% of my acne alone. I started to feel an over-tightness in my skin around month 3 with this product but then began alternating with a cream cleanser and that has balanced my skin.

Salicylic acid helps stimulate cell renewal and clear impacted pores to prevent and shorten the lifespan of acne. Echinacea purpurea extract, Lemon peel extract, and Matricaria flower extract are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which helps bring down redness and shrink any breakouts instantly.

If you feel that acne is something that is troubling you I’d highly recommend getting the skin kit. Always confirm with a skin therapist in your area that these products will be right for you. Not everyone will need to use these products at the same frequency, so if you really only get acne around ‘that time of the month’ this would be a great kit to use that week only.
If you’re unfamiliar with the 4 grades of acne you can find more information here:


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take a pea-sized amount and emulsify between your hands and apply to face. When emulsifying the product there really is no wrong way to do it, whether you reach the super foamy level in your hands first or on your face- it will work!

I also highly recommend using cool water over hot water. Hot water will stimulate inflammation and encourage red areas to stay red. Using tepid water will help boost the soothing botanicals that make Clearing Skin Wash such a great product. Again, the Sponge Cloth will be a huge help to fighting friction based irritation and go a long way to soothing acne away!

This is also a great product to use as a make-up brush cleanser or as a Sponge Cloth cleanser. It might sound funny to use skin care products to cleanse these items but if you really think about the fillers, fragrances, and other irritating ingredients that are in laundry detergent and brush cleaners that you would never dream of putting on your face it makes sense not to use them on these products either! At my Dermalogica classes in Boston this is the cleansing product that is used to clean every brush and bowl that we use in our hands-on practicals.


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Essential Cleansing Solution




A creamy cleanser that is great for nourishing and conditioning dry skin. It gently lifts impurities from the skin with vitamins and plant extracts which maintain the skin’s moisture balance.


This is geared towards dry and prematurely aging skin. Essential Cleansing Solution is packed with rosemary and lemon extracts to refresh tired skin, safflower to soften and condition your skin’s texture, and vitamins C and E to fight free radicals.
With its creamy texture, using a non-foaming cleanser can take a bit to get used to but if it is right for your skin type I guarantee you’ll never miss the foam after your first week!
If you live in an area with cold, dry winters this will be Jesus in a bottle! Even with my oily skin type my skin became extremely dry in the New England winters I’ve endured. I compensated with a heavier moisturizer instead but using a moisturizing cleanser like this could have eliminated my dryness just as easily!


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take an almond-sized amount and massage into the skin with upward strokes. Make sure to concentrate on areas of excess dryness. Remove with warm water and the Sponge Cloth, sponges, or a facial towel.


Visit to order or find a skin therapist near you for a free skin analysis!

Sponge Cloth



The Sponge Cloth is an amazing tool- its much more than a face towel! Made from alcohol molecules (yes, alcohol fabric!) this tool will aid your removal of any dermalogica product without giving bacteria a place to grow. Because it is not made from any natural fibers, bacteria can not find a place to hide or grow- keeping your skin care routine free from contamination by bacteria riddled face towels.


The Sponge Cloth is for all skin types! Its gentle enough to use on acne and sensitive skin and strong enough to grab onto any product for a thorough removal!


Fresh out of the packaging this hot little number will need to be rinsed thoroughly. You’ll notice its amazingly soft texture right away! Once you’re done using it for the day I suggest to rinse it with some anti-bacterial soap or one of the foaming cleansers if you use one- skin clearing wash works best.
Make sure to designate a special place to hang this where it won’t be disturbed until you need it again. When the Sponge Cloth dries it also hardens (which also helps fight off bacteria). This great tool can also go through your washing machine! Just be sure not to add it to a load with fabric softener or bleach!
This cloth is also biodegradable, so it will need to be replaced from time to time. Dermalogica is all about making things earth friendly so this will begin to tear and degrade after prolonged use. Its suggested to get a new one every 6 months but I’ve had mine for 5 months now and its showing no signs of wear!


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Dermal Clay Cleanser




Made to fight excess oil production, this cleanser is great for anyone with mild acne! Clay and calming botanicals clear out oil and calm breakouts all while getting your skin as clean as can be!


This is defiantly only for oily skin types. The clay and other active ingredients all battle over oil production and refine pores.

Bentonite and Kaolin clay absorb oil from the skin while physically clearing congestion. Sage and cucumber calm the skin and are backed up by menthol that gives your skin a cool feeling- all of which are key to not irritating acne breakouts, decreasing inflammation, and ultimately clearing acne away sooner. Sambucus, ivy, and lemon also work as natural astringents that also help gently refine your skin’s texture. This is a great cleanser that will remove excess oil and help lock in water based moisture into your skin when using a good regimen!

I recommend this for someone who suffers from grade 1-2 acne. If you’re unfamiliar with the 4 grades of acne you can find more information here:


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take a large almond-sized amount and massage into the skin with upward strokes. This can also be left on for 5 minutes before rinsing as a ‘mini masque’. Remove with warm water and the Sponge Cloth, sponges, or a facial towel. If you are an acne sufferer I highly recommend investing in a Sponge Cloth or professional grade facial towels, the softness of these fabrics will not aggravate breakouts like a rough hand towel will and keep inflammation down, allowing it to heal (and disappear!) sooner.


Visit to order or find a skin therapist near you for a free skin analysis!

Special Cleansing Gel




A great staple for any skin type, Special Cleansing Gel, is a soap-free gel cleanser that gets skin squeaky clean without stripping or drying. This cleanser gels deep into your pores and flushes out everything it comes into contact with.


Everyone! This is a great option for all skin types, there really isn’t any one who wouldn’t love this. Its gentle enough for sensitive skins and tough enough for even the oiliest of oily types. The secret to its success are in the 3 key ingredients: Quillaja Saponaria, Balm Mint, and Lavender.
Quillaja Saponaria is a naturally foaming extract that gives Special Cleansing Gel its rich lather and penetrating power to remove impurities and excess oil. Balm Mint keeps the skin cool and calm during the dirt eradication. Lavender finishes off by soothing and purifying any compromised barrier areas with its antiseptic properties.
My favorite thing about Dermalogica is the diversity of their products- they make it so easy to find something that can work for everyone and make it ideal for families, or roommates, to buy what works for the household and have it truly work for everyone.


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take a pea-sized amount and emulsify between your hands and apply to face. When emulsifying the product there really is no wrong way to do it, whether you reach the super foamy level in your hands first or on your face- it will work!


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Dermalogica’s theory of skin care involves a double cleanse and Precleanse is the first step to perfectly clean skin. Precleanse is an oil based cleanser designed to remove oil based make-up and dirt. Oil and water repel each other so how can a water based cleanser remove oil? Precleanse solves this problem by more effectively removing oil build up, make-up, dirt, and whatever else you have on your skin and allowing your water based cleanser to penetrate your skin’s pores more effectively. The better your skin is cleansed the better it can absorber your treatments and moisturizers and the healthier it will be.


Everyone! This is really something I think everyone would benefit from but those who will notice the largest impact from this are make-up enthusiasts and oily/acne skin types.
For make-up enthusiasts who wear full coverage foundation, concealer, primers, finishing sprays, and waterproof products this will take the place of a make-up removing product. You might need to use a little bit more product and spend a little bit more time doing the circular motions to get everything off than the recommended amount but it will get even the heaviest of make-up off
Oily/acne skin types have a hard time understanding why they need this but it makes a huge difference! The Precleanse bonds with the sebum (oil) that your body produces and removes it more successfully than a water based cleanser can. This means that it will help clear out sebum clogged pores that lead to acne more effectively and help to prevent break outs.

*If you wear eyelash extensions, it is imperative to not expose your lashes to this product. It will break down the bond and cause the lashes to fall out sooner. For eye make up removal, the Dermalogica soothing eye make up remover has been tested with lash extensions and has not shown any added fall out when the lashes were applied by a professional, with professional grade products.


Pour about a 1/4 teaspoon into  dry hands, rub between hands and apply to face. Work in a circular motion and once Precleanse has made a lovely marine-in-cameo-paint look of your make up get your hands wet and continue the circular motions. You should see the Precleanse change to a milky white color and the texture will feel more lubricated, if not add more water. Remove with a wet face towel or sponges- I highly recommend investing in a Sponge Cloth (also made by Dermalogica!). Follow with your prescribed cleanser and skin care routine.


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Dermalogica: An Overview of Segmented Lines



Today I am going to introduce you to the segmented lines of Dermalogica! Each of these segments had a specific goal that they were developed for. They are about more than skin health, they are about creating major changes in your skin.
I truly believe that anyone can use anything from Dermalogica but not everyone should be using every product from the segmented lines so make sure your skin is ready for these products before purchasing by getting a skin analysis.

AGE Smart fights premature ageing for any age, 19-90 there will be a product here for you! AGE stands for Advanced Glycation End-products which create a chemical reaction in the skin that leads to degraded collagen, inflammation (which later turns into pigmentation), and inhibits cell turn over. I love everything Dermalogica makes but this line has a special place in my heart because of multivitamin thermafoliant. *sigh* I’ll get into that jem later!

UltraCalming is for seriously sensitive/sensitized skin! Again this is a line that has something for everyone but is really made for those who are having a hard time finding products that don’t freak their skin out. I don’t care who you are or what is wrong with your skin- if you use this line for 6 months your skin will be able to transition to even the strongest of Dermalogica products. Barrier repair is the ‘duct tape’ of Dermalogica’s products and just one of the awesome products from the UltraCalm line!

MediBac Clearing is a gift from the heavens for acne! As someone who has acne prone, oily skin I’ve never seen my skin become so blemish free- and stay that way! My favorite ‘hero product’ from here is the clearing mattifier- made as a skin treatment but doubles as a make up primer! Severe acne sufferers this line is for you! If getting rid of your acne is at the top of your priority list I highly recommend getting the skin kit immediately. The $42 investment should last you at least 3 months, after that I suggest getting face mapped again to make adjustments in your product purchases- personally I found the cleanser to be a little too drying for me after the 3 months.

ChromaWhite TRx might be the last line on my list but its the first true skin brightening product. Unlike skin lightening products that bleach your skin, ChromaWhite only removes unnatural pigmentation from your skin- so say good bye to acne scars and sun spots and hello to your natural skin tone! I’ve only been using tri-active cleanse as my cleanser for 2 months now and it has made a huge difference! I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to face the world bare faced but if any product would get me there it would be this line! Its packed with calming ingredients that sooth the skin while gently exfoliating pigmented skin cells away.

Keep an eye out for the tags AGE Smart, UltraCalming, MediBac Clearing, and ChromaWhite TRx if any of these lines interest you so you can be sure to catch every review of their products!

On top of these segmented lines there is also the ‘skin health’ or ‘grey’ line. If you are new to Dermalogica I highly recommend beginning here. The skin kits come in 4 varieties: oily, normal/oily, normal/dry, and dry. Using these kits as a starting point will allow you to get your skin detoxed and stabilized. For most people they grey line makes up their primary skin care components and only need a few choice items from the segmented lines. Once the skin kit supply runs out you will be able to invest in larger sized products confidently.
A lot of people can get scared away by the price tag of these products but use-per-use you will not get a better bang for your buck from any other company. In comparison, Proactive starts off at $40 a month but after the trial period goes up to around $60, Dermalogica skin kits are in the $40 range but will last you a minimum of 3 months if you are correctly using the product. I haven’t bought moisturizer in 4 months and I’m only now needing another. The moisturizer I have only hold 1.7 oz of product! Invest in your skin’s health and be beautiful from the inside out!

Dermalogica: A Product by Product Series Review



Over the next few weeks I will review every single product by Dermalogica!

These last few months have been busy for me- I opened a salon for my job, hired an esthetician for our new store, and have been going to Dermalogica classes. I am only a few classes away from completing Dermalogica’s Expert Program! Becoming a Dermalogica Expert means that I have spent dozens of training hours with their educators learning everything there is to know about their products and who they would work best for. Now I’m going to share that knowledge with you!

Dermalogica is a company that I whole heartedly believe in. Their products work for everyone- and I mean everyone! The only time I’ve ever heard of people not liking the results it was from one of 2 reasons: they weren’t using it correctly or they were given the wrong items to use!

They believe in being good to our planet and the people on it. Dermalogica uses as many recycled materials in their packaging as they can and everything is biodegradable. They are also a humanitarian company and have their own charity to help women in developing countries. All of their products are made in the USA. Their products work because of their extensive research and meticulous vetting that each product goes through. They recently pulled a product from the market because they found a small number of adverse reactions were happening. This might sound like a duh to most people but when this happens with other companies their reaction is not the same- they ignore it and blame the consumer’s improper use. Dermalogica investigates it and removes the product from the market until they have an answer.


Using a product incorrectly can mean quite a few things-  using too much or too little, too often or not often enough, using it in conjunction with the wrong products or using it in a way that it is not intended for. If you’re going to make the investment in professional quality skin care treatments do it with both feet! Changing in half measures will only get you so far and will negatively impact your results. As fantastic as Dermalogica products are, if you’re only using their cleanser and a drug store moisturizer you won’t have much luck changing your skin.

Not everyone is well educated on Dermalogica products, so don’t assume the person helping you at Ultra has been trained! Ask about their education- are they an esthetician, how many Dermalogica classes have they been to, which ones, where do they fall on Dermalogica’s certification scale? At a minimum they should be Certified and have a pin/certificate to back it up. Even then, asking for a Specialist or Expert would be your best approach.

Here is a link to finding a Dermalogica Certified Skin Therapist in your area:

Please keep in mind that this will serve as a guide to help narrow your search for products but it will not replace having a trained professional getting their hands and eyes on your skin. Every skin therapist will prescribe a different routine based on their personal and professional experiences with products, no answer is wrong as long as there is an educated and experienced mind behind it!

Where you should buy beauty products

WIN_20131229_124105            WIN_20131229_124114

There are many ways to get professional grade beauty products. The most common are from a local convenience store, online, and from a beauty professional. One of the most troubling problems with products in the beauty industry is divergence.
Divergence is when products made for use or sale by licensed professionals only find their way onto eBay or in the beauty isle at your local Walmart. A budget conscious shopper might feel that they are getting a better deal on their products by shopping online or in Walmart but often the items sold in these venues are either expired, illegally sold, or both.

Professional products found in grocery stores are often sold by a sales rep for that company with bad faith, meaning that they have knowledge that the products will not be sold in accordance with the company’s guildlines. Once these products are in the purchaser’s hands they are usually stored in a warehouse, sometimes for years, until the product’s bar codes cycle out of use. New bar code stickers are created and then the products are sold to any willing buyer.

This kind of practice leads to clients unwittingly using expired products.

Most people assuming that if they are getting their products from Target or Walmart that it is also cheaper than what they would pay at a salon. Most often than not, you will actually pay $2-$3 more for the expired product!

Buying items online through eBay and Amazon is also on the rise. This again follows a similar story line with a sales rep- but sometimes its the sales rep themselves profiting from the online sales. I’ve actually done searches on eBay and Amazon for a product line that I use and turned the seller’s information to their legal departments. During my search I found a lot of products that I wasn’t familiar with, I asked one of the company’s educators about them and she told me some of those had been discontinued 3-4 years earlier. All of those products were labeled as new and/or never opened.

When ever you are considering a purchase, consider where you are. Is the shampoo/conditioner giant bottle bundle really worth the asking price? If getting a ‘deal’ on a product means more to you than the quality of what’s in the bottle is it really worth it to buy professional brands at all?
It can be hard to buy professional products with a small budget but wouldn’t it be better to talk to your stylist about your budget and get their help finding a solution than to buy something expired? If it was me, I’d drop my commission just to make sure you were getting a better quality product. I probably wouldn’t do it for a client that only seemed to want to nickel and dime me but I’d have no hesitation to do it for someone who was genuinely struggling with a budget factor. Then once they see how great a fresh batch of product is I’m sure they’d realize the little bit of money this product costs saves them more in the long run on hair cuts, color treatments, ect.

Which Pros To Go To?

In the world of beauty there are a multitude of professionals and when looking for specific advice the task of knowing who to ask is daunting! Hopefully this will help clarify each profession and guide you to the best advice available.


A dermatologist is a medical doctor with a specialty in skin care. For serious skin issues this person should be the most important advice giver you listen to. All too often I see people lack trust in their dermatologist’s advice because their medication is not working fast enough or as desirably as they would like. There may be a lot of science in becoming  dermatologist but the practice of being one requires more art. Not every medication will have the same effect on every patient and the only way to find out what works best for you is to trust their process. Don’t be afraid to be upfront with them about your concerns or challenges with their instructions. This person is here to help you and can’t give you the best advice if they don’t have all the information they need.


To become a licensed cosmetologist you are tested on more than just hair cutting and coloring knowledge. A cosmetologist is also licensed to do facials, waxing, and nails. The majority of cosmetologists go on to be hair stylists and rarely use the other skills covered by their license but they will have a basic knowledge about all of these things. Cosmetologists are not licensed to use tools that break the surface of the skin like pimple extractors.


This is always my first recommendation for any one with skin issues as their licenses covers 2 main aspects- skin care and hair removal. I find that their knowledge of the skin is the most helpful first step for any issues you might have. Visiting an esthetician is much cheaper than a dermatologist visit and they will recommend a skin care routine based on your skin’s needs. If you do need more help then they can offer you they will be able to diagnose that and possibly recommend a dermatologist for you to see. They will also have a knowledge of make up application in regards to sanitary applications but not all esthetics schools concentrate on make up artistry. If nothing else, go for the luxury of it! Facials are amazing and well worth the time!

Some estheticians also receive certifications in other types of services like eyelash extensions, permanent make up, or electrolysis. These services are not a part of their license testing.


A manicurist is licensed to do anything concerning nails. This includes manicures, pedicures, acrylic or gel nails, and some skin services like removing a callous from your heel or cutting back the cuticles on your nails. All too often I see nail salons offering body waxing without a licensed esthetician, be wary of them! Some states have also outlawed certain kinds of tools for use- like metal callous cutters, but these tools are still used by less professional ‘pros’. Check with your state board if you have any concerns about any tools your manicurist is using. Infections can spread much quicker in a nail salon from one client to another when the manicurist does not follow all the health and safety codes that are required of them. It is very important to watch for cleanliness for those with Diabetes or other medical illnesses to avoid health issues .

Unlicensed Professionals: This includes make up artists and any service provider that is without a state issued license. There are more and more different kinds of services with each new day and it is hard for state board officials to keep state regulations up to reflect each service. The most important thing to look for with these types of professionals are certifications. A certification means that they have had some kind of training over a certain amount of time. Some times a certification will take a few months but others as little as a few hours. For example I have a certificate in cosmetology from my school for finishing the cosmetology course but my state license has a completely separate testing entity.

There can be professionals who are certified and those who have certificates of completion. Certified most often means they were tested at the end of their education and had to receive a passing grade to receive their certification. Certificates of completion are basically attendance awards for showing up to a lecture, however, this does not mean that their education there is not valid.

Whatever service professional you are seeking it is always important to remember my 5 Tips For Beauty Without Painful Experiences post!