Special Cleansing Gel




A great staple for any skin type, Special Cleansing Gel, is a soap-free gel cleanser that gets skin squeaky clean without stripping or drying. This cleanser gels deep into your pores and flushes out everything it comes into contact with.


Everyone! This is a great option for all skin types, there really isn’t any one who wouldn’t love this. Its gentle enough for sensitive skins and tough enough for even the oiliest of oily types. The secret to its success are in the 3 key ingredients: Quillaja Saponaria, Balm Mint, and Lavender.
Quillaja Saponaria is a naturally foaming extract that gives Special Cleansing Gel its rich lather and penetrating power to remove impurities and excess oil. Balm Mint keeps the skin cool and calm during the dirt eradication. Lavender finishes off by soothing and purifying any compromised barrier areas with its antiseptic properties.
My favorite thing about Dermalogica is the diversity of their products- they make it so easy to find something that can work for everyone and make it ideal for families, or roommates, to buy what works for the household and have it truly work for everyone.


After Precleanse removal, with wet hands and a damp face, take a pea-sized amount and emulsify between your hands and apply to face. When emulsifying the product there really is no wrong way to do it, whether you reach the super foamy level in your hands first or on your face- it will work!


Visit Dermalogica.com to order or find a skin therapist near you for a free skin analysis!


2 thoughts on “Special Cleansing Gel

    • If you have sensitive skin then you’ll love the Ultra Calm line too! Really all of their products are very gentle though and I haven’t met a person yet who didn’t love Special Cleansing Gel!

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