Eyelashes (Photo credit: ftphotostudio)

There are a lot of things we do to make ourselves look prettier and one of the biggest ways involves your lashes. Some girls pack on the make up and use every kind of product on the market while others will only use a little mascara and lip gloss, in either case its obvious that enhancing eyelashes in a big ticket for just about any woman.

There are many routes for enhancing your lashes.


This is an industry of its own, there are choices between waterproof or not, thickening formulas or extending formulas, black-brown-red-blue-rainbow, its nearly endless with the claims each product has. Mascara is the most basic tool in making your eyes pop and at times the most confusing. Finding the right mascara for you is all about trial and error. Most product claims are exaggerated, and application technique can vary greatly product to product. All I can say is I’m glad mascara has evolved from its early beginnings (pictured below).



A standard for those who favor a more dramatic look are falsies. These bad boys can create anything from a natural but full look to a bold and wild fantasy.  I personally love these for a night out or for a theatrical show but proper application can be a hard thing to master.

Technique is everything for false lashes and everyone has their own set of tricks. The important thing with these is to practice, practice, practice. Once you get the muscle memory you’ll have no problem getting them perfect every time.

Experimenting with glue application is also very important. My personal favorite is Duo glue and I will apply the glue to the lashes and wait for the glue to become a little tacky before applying it to my lash line. I find that this technique creates less mess and has a stronger hold.


Eyelash extensions are a pricey investment but can be beneficial if you feel that your lashes are an important part of your look. I personally have never had them, as I am lucky enough to be blessed with wonderful natural lashes, but they are a great option! If you only wear them once I feel that your wedding is the best time for it! I know many brides who splurged on their lashes and loved it. For many, their lashes even lasted all through their honeymoon and helped them look ravishing on the beach with no make up!

A full set can take about 2 hours so it is also the most time consuming option. Do your research when choosing a lash specialist, price should not be your only concern when considering lash extensions. What products they are using will make a huge difference in the outcome of the service and can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad one. There are a lot of different companies who manufacture the products for eyelash extensions so make sure your ‘lash expert’ is the real deal- they should have a training certificate from the company or at least their boss should. Obviously the person who attended the class should be your first choice but don’t disregard someone with hands on experience either.

The most important factor is to make sure they have a license with your state in either cosmetology or esthetics. People without this license might have an understanding of how to apply lashes but they do not understand the rules and regulations of sanitation that are required by your state! Licensed people will have more concern about health and safety (in theory), if you feel that any one who is licensed disregards any kind of health and safety standards it is fully in your rights as a consumer to report them to the state board. They could potentially pay a hefty fine or loose their license if they are found to not follow health and safety standards.


The newest form of lash enhancement is Lattice, a topical medication that stimulates hair growth originally created for cancer patients. This can be prescribed by your doctor, but unless you suffer/suffered from cancer it is unlikely that it would be covered by your insurance (but major kudos to you if it is!). There are a few over the counter products that claim to work like Lattice but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. I have heard mixed reviews about some working from some of my clients while others say they didn’t so if you find something that works for a friend it might work for you too.


In California this procedure is ILLEGAL. That being said there are still places who offer it and advertise it- research is the most important thing about any service, if you couldn’t tell already by how often I encourage it! Lash perming if done incorrectly can leave you blind, it is a serious risk to consider and that is why it is illegal in many states. If you still feel that you can’t live without it then make sure you are seeing an experienced, licensed person for these services.


I hope this has helped educate you about all the choices for getting the lashes you desire! Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things- just make sure its done right!


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