15 Strange Facts About Cats That Actually Exist!

I’ve realized that I have not been living up to my name! Lovely hair has been covered but I’ve left bushy tails out in the cold!
I derived the name of my blog from my two great loves in life- being a cosmetologist and my amazing fur children- Taz and Coheed. I have a huge love of animals and these little fur balls are the center of my world. They bring me more joy then I ever thought possible and I am working towards improving the lives of other animals the way they have in mine.
I am currently working on a Dog Training certificate from Animal Behavior College and hope to work with troubled shelter animals to make them more adoptable. I have also been a foster mom for 2 cat rescue groups.
I found this interesting post and thought it would be a great introduction to the other half of what my blog with be about.

c o c o l o i d s ©

The main reason why I posted this interesting article is because I found five little kittens in our backyard and I did not know what to do with them.  

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