Products to Tame and Tousle All Tresses

So I’ve talked about how to wash and style hair and now I am going to introduce you to some simple products. I will name the specific brands that I use but what works for me might not work for you so  don’t be discouraged if that brand doesn’t give you the results you want- try, try again!

Lottabody Setting Lotion   ($5.19 on

I love this stuff for naturally curly hair. I recently gave the last of mine to a friend for her toddlers tight curled blonde hair and she loves it. Setting lotion was originally made for wet sets, which is when you put wet hair up in rollers and comb it our after it dries. This can work great for naturally straight hair but you MUST use heat to dry AND allow the hair to go cold before removing the rollers- if not your hair will be fabulously shiny but loose its voluminous curls through out the day. Personally I think it works best for curly tresses because it will battle frizz while leaving your hair baby soft. In my opinion, no other product can come close to the softness of setting lotion while holding va-va-voom appeal. This is the kind of stuff you grandmother (or great grandmother) would have used to create the lovely hairstyles of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The best way to get roller sets dry are with a hood dryer, these can be hard to find outside of beauty supply stores and not the most affordable (cheapest I’ve ever seen are for $100). However if you really enjoy soft glamorous hair on a daily basis this might be another tool for you to consider investing in. Before taking the financial leap I suggest doing a trial run to see if it would be a smart buy. Complete a roller set and visiting your salon on a calm day to use their hood dryer, I’m sure if you called ahead they would have no issue with you using it.

White Sands Curl Up In Silk Firm Mousse   ($17.91 on

This is another great product for all hair types. I LOVE the smell of this stuff in my hair! It might not be as cheap as setting lotions but this is by far worth the investment. It would be great to use for the same kind of styling as roller sets can, like how I described above but using curling irons instead. This might be easier for the hair styling virgins, I think in this day and age most of use are used hot tools, right?

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo   ($ 3.94 on

Another great smelling product is this Dove dry shampoo. For me, if I don’t like the way something sells I can’t use it no matter how well it works. Dry shampoo is also one of those products that works for everyone for all kinds of reasons. I use this at least 3 times a week on my day old roots, I hate washing my hair everyday and with my job as an eyebrow threader I constantly have layers of lotion and hand sanitizer on my hands which always ends up making my roots look greasy by the end of my shift. Dry shampoo is also amazing with thin, fine hair. Using this on your hair will give it more girth and make it appear fuller. It also gives clean hair a grittier coating but keeps hair light which creates better teasing so this is also great to use for formal styles instead of trying to fluff up greasy day old hair.

Coconut Oil   (Found in the oil isle at any grocery store from $6-$10)

This is another favorite of mine for adding a little shine to your hair. This also does wonders as a conditioning treatment! I will occasionally use a small amount of this to give the lower 3rd of my hair a little more shine. A small amount really goes a long way too so thin,fine hair will need to keep an eye on using as little as possible.

That’s it! These products can work wonders for any hair type and I hope they inspire you to do that hair style you always wanted!


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