How To Prolong Your Pedicure!


With spring upon us and summer fast approaching here are a few tips to keeping your sun deprived toes looking their best as they finally get to enjoy the land of the sun!

Keeping your heels soft-

This can be difficult at times but the simplest way to keep that ‘just-got-me-feet-scrubbed’ soft heel feel is to keep an extra rough nail file in the shower. Large ones can be purchased for cheap at your local beauty supply and I suggest buying them in packs. Using a file on your heels towards the end of a shower will gently remove any calloused skin. Gentle removal is key, using overly abrasive tools or chemicals will actually cause your body to produce a callous and could lead to a permanent hardening of your heels if overdone.

Touching up the polish-

If you can, bring your own polish to the salon. That way if you need to repair or retouch the polish in between visits you can. Another easy and hugely helpful tip is to add an extra coat or two of top coat every few days to minimize chipping. My personal favorite is french tips because they are easy to top coat and if they chip beyond repair you can always turn that finger into an accent nail! (French tips are the easiest service to do at home, I’ll do a tutorial on how to get perfect tips every time soon!)

If all else fails buff them for shine-

If you are not blessed with repainting talents but want to keep them looking on point- invest in a buffer. Again, this is a simple and cheap tool you can purchase at your local beauty supply. Just remove the polish and use the roughest buffer first down to the softest, then use the soft sponge like side to buff the natural oils from your nail all over and it will make your nails shine bright like a diamond! (Que Rhianna song) This is also something you might be able to get for free from your manicurist/pedicurist, tools that cannot be reused are supposed to be thrown away after each client.  If they are following proper sanitation rules they should have no problem giving it to you.

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