What Tools You Should Be Using

Hair brush 2

A non-ventilated ball tipped brush (this kind should be used on dry hair)

Just about every one I know are using the wrong kind of tools for their hair type. You might not realize how much damage you are causing with them!


The best tool for wet hair, specially when you have curly hair, is a comb. Wet hair will stretch more than dry hair and is easier to damage. It is very important to work out knots from the tips up to the roots. Combs with out ball tipped ends are the gentlest.


Ventilated brushes are just as important as using a blow dryer instead of a blow torch. In fact, if you’re not using a ventilated brush your blow dryer is effecting your hair more like a blow torch! The open spaces in ventilated brushes allow the heated air to easily pass through the brush and around your hair, this allows hair to dry faster and more evenly. A solid backed brush will not allow air to flow through your hair and will most likely only dry the front layer. Attempting to dry the entire section at once will result in burning the front layer. There are several different kinds of ventilated brushes for different effects- round brushes will help give your hair body whereas a flat panel brush will help keep your hair straight.


Flat and curling irons can also help create different hair effects but be mindful not to use tolls on a setting too high for your hair type. It is very important to have a tool with some kind of temperature control, preferably in degrees, so that you can best monitor the health of your hair. To properly assess your hair I suggest asking your stylist what hair type you have so that you can be sure to use the correct amount of heat.

Below is a general guideline to give you a starting point, but find the range that works best for you.


< 360





4 thoughts on “What Tools You Should Be Using

  1. I’ve never seen a temperature guide for straighteners. I guess I just went for trial and error before I settled on 370 or so. I don’t straighten my hair all that often though. I am guilty of excessive hair drying though. 😛 This is a nice little post here.

    • Thanks! Yeah most straightners that are sold commercially will have a 1-10 type of system but if you got to a beauty supply store they will have a better selection of options that tell you exactly how hot they can be.
      And I cant believe I forgot to mention a diffuser! Its an attachment for blowdryers that keep curly hair curled! I think that would be a great investment for those locks of yours!

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