How You Should Be Washing Your Hair

Washing my hair

How to properly wash your hair

All too often I hear complaints from friends and relatives about how their hair is too this, too that, or cant do this. And often I’m finding the true root of their problem is with how they wash their hair!

You may think it’s silly of me to dedicate an entire post over washing hair but because it is the first building block to any hair style it has the potential to make and break the final look.


Make sure you are using the right kinds of products for your hair. If you’re an artificial platinum blonde your products will be wildly different from a natural platinum blonde’s! Curly hair has different demands than straight hair and chemically treated hair will need different things from virgin hair. Your best bet is to ask your hairstylist next time you get a service.

Another big thing for me is to not skimp out on the quality. I know how tempting it can be to buy whatever smells good when you’re in the grocery store but the ‘name brands’ sold in these places are NOT the same products you will get in a salon. Many companies will often sell out the rights to other bigger companies after they reach a level of popularity. These bigger companies will then use the same or similar ingredients- but of a lower quality to lower their bottom line, when this happens your hair is no longer getting the full benefit of the brand names original formula.

The most common substitute in conditioners are various forms of wax. Wax is cheap and coats the hair in a way that makes if feel like it has been repaired but do not be fooled- your hair is not any healthier. Truthfully your hair is worse off because not only is it over coated in waxy build up but the wax will also muddy your hair color and give you a false sense of strength in your hair. Without a realistic sense of how strong your hair is it is very easy to over work it and damage it beyond all hope of repair.

And as a general rule any product that is a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner isn’t worth the cost to bottle it. Nothing that removes dirt from your hair can deposit a conditioner at the same time- if you mixed a shampoo and conditioner in the shower they would cancel each other out and leave you with one messed up looking head.


Knowing how much product to use is key, too much and you could end up with dry hair or end up with an oily nape (the portion above the back of your neck) if you use too little. The exact amount will depend on the product and how much hair you have.  What ever amount you are using it should be enough to cover the first 2 inches of all your roots with a sudsy goodness. If its more or less than the first 2 inches that’s a good indication you’re using the wrong amount.

The act of shampooing should be in one of two motions: back and forth or in small circular motions. If you have curly hair I’d recommend using small back and forth motions to avoid over tangling your locks. Using these movements deposit the shampoo evenly starting at the top of your head and moving towards your nape. while you are moving from one area of your head to the next make sure to have as little of your length between your shampoo covered hands and the roots of your hair- this will probably mean picking up your locks with the back of your hands to slide them into place.

Shampooing your hair from roots to tips will cause more tangles than necessary, don’t worry about the main body of your hair that will be cleansed when you rinse out the shampoo. If you are worried about all of your hair not being product or oil free the first time you switch to this new routine just shampoo rinse and repeat.


Shampoo is for your roots and conditioner is for your tips. Using an appropriate amount for your hair spread the conditioner between your hands and run your hands from the bottom towards the nape. After reaching the nape you should comb through your hair with your finger tips, again from the bottom up to the top of your head. by the time your fingers reach the roots of the top of your head there should be only a small amount of conditioner left. Finally, using the same motions you used to shampoo, thoroughly rinse the roots free of conditioner but leaving some in the main body and the tips.

That’s it! Hopefully this can help some of you attain better looking hair! Next week I will be going over some basic tools and tips for styling that I hope will also help you create fabulous hair! Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and suggestions below!


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