I found this wonderfully detailed hair tutorial and just had to share. All too often tutorials leave out those small tid-bits that make a world of difference in the final look but this one is right on point.

A few extra tips from me:

1. If you don’t like mousse try setting lotion. It can be found at any beauty supply, and it should be diluted with water in a spray bottle. Setting lotion dries hard but combs out feeling oh so soft with all the strength of your hardest hairspray.

2. If you are using a curling iron use a comb to hold hair in its curl as you work the iron out without unraveling the curl and clip near the base of the curl to your roots until it cools- this will keep more of your curl intact than letting it fall while hot.

3. I have found that using a boar hair brush in the finishing stage can give hair a high polished look with out a ton of effort. To achieve it takes lots of practice and a light hand as brushing to hard will flatten out your curls.


How To Get Sexy Cover Girl Hair:

Cover Girl hair means big gorgeous tresses. It’s a kind of hair every woman wants to have because every man wants to touch it! The crucial elements that make these manes so irresistible: softness, shine, voluminous body, and most of all, a tousled quality that gives them a touch of between-the-sheets sultriness. Read on for the step-by-step instructions for creating these luscious looks.

Step 1Mousse Your Hair: The ultimate goal is to create hair that has a tonne of body and texture but is still soft and shiny. So your first step is to use a styler that will pump up your strands without dulling or shellacking them. Experts recommend applying a volumising mousse to freshly washed, still-damp hair and working it through from roots to ends. You can use 3-4 palms full of this on this style. After saturating…

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