Cheap and Easy Skin Care

This is an over view of my current skin care routine. The exact products I use many not work for everyone so I suggest seeking the opinion of a dermatologist or an anesthetic specialist. They might offer you fancy and pricey products but they can at least make sure you have an unbiased evaluation of your skin to lead you in the right direction.

First let me show you what I use:



I use each of these a minimum of once a day. The hugest part of any skin care routine is to have a routine! Without staying consistent even products that are custom made for you will not give you the skin you are looking for. Try any product every day for at least 3 weeks before you make any judgements about it- nothing that gives you over night results will also maintain long term results!


Noxzema cleansing cream (also called cold cream) can be found at any drug store, supermarket, ect for less than $4, the Clean and Clear will run a little more, I bought it for $7.50 at Ulta.


I fell in love with cold cream many years ago during my theater/show choir experiences in high school. By far this is the cheapest and best product any girl could own. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin and can cut through even the heaviest stage makeup. In fact its pretty much the only thing that can get through Ben Nye- the most popular brand of stage make up which also well known for being the oiliest stuff around. I imagine it would also work really well for anyone who wears MAC on a regular basis. Cold cream will clean your pores without over doing it or striping your skin.

Moisturizers are just as important as cleansers! Even if you’re using a more abrasive cleanser a moisturizer is essential to balancing your skin. Most women seem to think that any oil on their skin is bad when the opposite is actually true! Oil is naturally produced by our skin to clean out pores and maintain elasticity. Blemished are the result of pores being clogged by dirt and/or too much oil. If you strip the skin of all its oil with out replacing some of it with a moisturizer your skin will go into over drive to replace it which could leading to more breakouts. If this bad skin care process is repeated enough it can lead to the ‘permanent’ over production of oil by your skin. Your skin should be left feeling dewy, soft and slightly moist to the touch but without residue left on your fingers. I personally use the acne control moisturizer because my nose produces more oil then the rest of my face and I’ve found this product to be a huge help in balancing that with my dry cheeks.


Seasonal weather changes can have a big effect on your skin. Some products that work great in the spring and summer might not be enough in the winter. For example I recently moved across country with my husband from Southern California to Southern Maine in early fall, before the move I could get away with just using the cold cream most of the year but with the bitterly cold New England winters my skin has gone from just slightly dry to wind whipped of all its moisture.


I begin by scooping out a heafty amount of cold cream with freshly washed hands- about a ping pong ball amount and applying it to my face in a circular motion. The first few times using cold cream you will feel a tingling sensation it might feel a little weird and uncomfortable at first but give it a few days and it should subside. If however the ‘tingling’ turns into more of a ‘burning’ on more than the first few times and/or your skin remains red and irritated after you finish then the formulation of the cold cream is too harsh for you and I suggest trying another brand and/or switching to a sensitive skin version. While I am massaging the cold cream into my pores I usually have the water running to get it warm enough for removing the cold cream. Water should be warm but not hot- hot water will strip the skin of all oils and invalidate the entire point of using cold cream. Using a damp washcloth, gently rub off all of the cold cream. I suggest changing out the wash cloth as often as possible. I thoroughly rinse mine out after every use and change them out each week.

Finally I finish with 2 pumps of my moisturizer, applying it evenly all over. I feel it is important to make moisturizing the last step prior to applying make up, if  I brush my teeth right after this then the abrasives in the tooth paste will remove the moisturizer from my skin similar to how blow drying my hair can cause the skin to become over dried.


Thanks for checking out my skin care routine! I hope you have learned a thing or two and that it helps you bring out the most beautiful you! Don’t forget that these exact products might not give you the same results but by no means should you shy away from them either!

I literally think there is a cold cream out there for everyone so please don’t dismiss it if the first one isn’t right for you! And if you use nothing else I believe cold cream alone can be the most gratifying product for 99% of people in the world!

If you have any questions or review requests  please feel free to leave them in comments!


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