Do you Spit or Swallow?


We have all had those days that were harder and more difficult to move on from. I especially have a difficult time on those days because I’m never wrong- I’m just as perfect as they come right?

Whether it’s a stranger, a co-worker, or a friend- it doesn’t really matter who is giving us the ‘hard truth’ and pointing out our flaw (or in my case their misunderstanding of my brilliance)- we instantly hate them and we reach that pivotal moment where we must decide to spit or swallow.

For many years I was that girl who’d spit back fiery acid- and to this day I still have those moments, but more and more I’m learning to swallow and try to understand how I received that comment in a constructive manner.

I’m surprised I don’t have more conflict these days actually. I’m currently working as an eyebrow threader (which if you haven’t hear of it you’re severally missing out on life) and just about every client has something ‘wrong’ with their eyebrows, hair, or make up. I only mention something if it is about their eyebrows, but I am still shocked to have never had a client spit back at me. I only assume it is because the sense my unbelievable awesomeness and immediately trust me. Or it might have something to do with the fact that its my job to do their eyebrows, but I like my assumption much better.


Point of the day- there are many reasons to learn how to swallow, but ultimately the best one is to improve yourself.

But if you ask a man he might get the wrong idea.

PS- This pic is from and features a sword swallowing show girl named Lucky Hell, talk about a hard truth!

PPS- Her tats are insanely divine!


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